Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt!!

I have been a bit busy lately, also trying hard to prioritize things and my blog has definitely fallen to the wayside. So excuse the fact that I will be rambling a bit!!

Miss Sassy had her 9th birthday...that was a bit hard to swallow! It is hard to remember how old she is...she is a tiny thing! I love her to death but she is by far my most difficult child, she has always had a mind of her own! Unfortunately her mind is a good 15 years older than she is!! She is growing up so quick and she is the one I worry about having a bad relationship with...that is something I am working on...gotta find a way to get through to her!! But truly she is a wonderful child and I am blessed to have her love me!

Hubby and I went away for a weekend of inebriation with lots of old friends...good times! Now when I say old friends I really mean his old fraternity brothers and assorted friends that come in tow!! It was a great weekend...I still have the dislocated finger to prove it! Yes, people that is right, at 31 years old I have my very first bone injury...and it still hurts like hell a week later! I dislocated my middle finger at the top joint, it decided to make the letter L...good stuff! Unfortunately for me I was not still inebriated at the time...so freaking unfortunate!!! And the only thing that makes it funnier is the fact that it happened during a pillow fight at midnight in a Disney hotel...oh yeah...nothing like acting your age! Note to self, do not twist the pillow case around your fingers and swing full out at another person doing the same...the results will not be pretty! Now according to my friends it is just because I flicked too many people off but truly it was a pillow fight...that's my story and I am sticking to it!!

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